“Catalyst for Sustainable Impact”

About Us

Thip Capital is a Family Office of Pikulthong Group, a Thailand-based holding company with presence in Real Estate, Agriculture and Garment Sector. We invest in early stage Startups in Thailand and the SEA region, with special interest in HealthTech, PropTech, B2B Solutions and any other innovative solutions that are promisingly scalable.

At Thip Capital, we strive to invest in and co-create ventures that have high potentials to create sustainable positive impact. Not only do we provide funding, but we also provide strategic collaborations and networks for our Portfolio Startups.

Investment Philosophy

We believe in the power of goodwill, creativity, practicality and sustainability

as the four pillars essential for the team to pivot, navigate and not only survive, but thrive in the unknown and unbeaten path of the StartUp Journey. We believe that Founders with genuine Goodwill to creatively address society or an industry’s pain points have the power to attract others with similar interests to join forces to make an epidemic impact possible. To materialize the solutions and achieve sustainability, each round of pivoting has to be well-strategized iteration based on both quantitative and qualitative market insight.

Investment Mission

Our Mission is to invest and incubate businesses that offer practical and innovative solutions to eliminate sizable pain points in a particular industry, or society as a whole. With the right use of technologies and business model that is culturally unbiased and user-centric, these solutions will be able to expand beyond Thailand, and scale across the SEA markets or even the World.

Along the way, we aim to connect together a pool of successful Startups Founders, each of which will exemplify unique sets of honorable traits and success stories. Collaboratively, the pool has the power to inspire and generate the ripple effect of future successful legacies to come.

Strategic Collaboration

We are an active angel investor that will take hands-on approach with our portfolio startups where appropriate. We leverage our entrepreneurial experiences to foster our portfolio startups from their early stage to the expansion stage. We use quantitative and fact-based approaches to conduct monthly health check analyses for startups that we invest in. Based on these analyses, we discuss and brainstorm as well as draw in appropriate experts if necessary, to help the team come up with creative and practical strategies to implement.

Thip Capital Way

Well-Balanced Approach in catalyzing the growth of Startups:

With our strategic consulting and entrepreneurial experiences, combined with powerful questioning skill, we support the founders and business to drive growth with the right balance of flexibility and good governance to ensure practicality, creativity, scalability and sustainability.

Due to market novelty and extremely dynamic environment that Startups operate in, we understand that there is no single secret recipe that can guarantee success. We acknowledge the unique calibers, strengths, career background, and working style of each team. Thus, we aim to help our portfolio startups grow by sharing our experiences, asking powerful questions, and ultimately be their sounding board to help them formulate strategies in a way that they feel the ownership and confidence to follow through with their plans.

Another aspect we help our portfolio startup with is by guiding them to build a strong technological infrastructure and a foundation of good governance. This is to ensure scalability and sustainability, nonetheless, we will always maintain sufficient level of flexibility to not hinder business growth.

User Centric and Scalability Approach in Co-Creating Platform:

In order for a business to become scalable, there must be an optimal balance between flexibility to enhance user engagement and systematic construction at its simplest form. With hands on experiences in process improvement – IT System Development – System Implementation, we are well-equipped to provide support and guidance to startups to reach that balance.

Risk Mitigation:

We believe in proactive approach to prevent and solve problems to reactive approach. Some risks can be studied and managed, or even avoided all together, especially those stemmed from legal and IT. On top of being actively supportive to our Startups in capturing market opportunities, we also help draw to their attention the potential risks involved in order to formulate well-rounded strategies. We support founders mitigating through risks that they may encounter along the unpaved path of growth.

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